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In the past years print newsletters saved as PDF files were placed at the newsletter downloads page. Starting in 2014 we are going to start to place web page versions (which therefore will not be formatted the same as the printed newsletters) on this site with the text of articles and article graphics as web versions. That makes them searchable (vs. the PDF files).


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Proposed Fill and Development of Edgewood Canyon

Recently PPO sent a letter to San Mateo County Planning regarding a proposed development in Edgewood Canyon (also called Hermosa Canyon) in Palomar Park.

All residents of Palomar Park should be alert to how this development project might impact development around their homes and on the parcels near or adjacent to their homes.

Palomar Park Property Owners Board Elections

The PPO board elections were carried out at the general meeting this past October. The board is now:

Mike Kubiak – President
Jeff Garratt – Vice President 
Jonathan Wright – Secretary 
Wayne Montoya – Treasurer 
Chris Myers – Director 
Denise Enea - Director
Amy Faasse - Director
Nikki Depold – Director
Adam Mittleman – Director

in January newly elected Kimberly Essen will replace Wayne Montoya.

2016 Plans

Plans for this year include continued (ongoing and continuous) maintenance work on name signs as well as the start of the long and involved ongoing process of assessing mail box enclosures for repairs and maintenance and the start of repairs on the most needy box enclosures. Mailbox repairs are in progress and you can see some of the repaired and reshingled boxes around Palomar.

PPO will continue to work and coordinate with local agencies on items of interest to our neighborhood. We also plan on a more pro-active drive to recruit new members and increase community involvement . Of course, we'll as always be hosting the annual Palomar Park picnic and General Meetings.

2015 Palomar Park Picnic

2015 saw another sucessful picnic 'up on the hill' on upper S. Palomar at the top of Cervantes rather than down at Clifford school. We had another year with about 100 guests. As previously, the main meat dishes were cooked by our resident expert chefs (you know who you are) and folks brought side dishes to share as in past years.

2014 Palomar Park Picnic

Once again we had a great picnic 'up on the hill' this year! The 2014 Annual Palomar Park Picnic was held for the now the fourth year running on upper S. Palomar at the top of Cervantes rather than down at Clifford school. We had a few more tables this year for an even larger turnout than the past year with about 100 guests - a goodly portion of Palomar Park. The main meat dishes were cooked by our resident expert chefs (you know who you are) and folks brought side dishes to share as in past years.

2013 Palomar Park Picnic

The 2013 Annual Palomar Park Picnic was held for the third year running on upper S. Palomar at the top of Cervantes rather than down at Clifford school. Everyone appreciated the use of our hosts' lawn for the picnic again this year. The location and views makes this a very special place for the Palomar Picnic. Food was plentiful and as it has been every year our resident Palomar chefs cooked up delectable treats for us all once again. We estimate we had a record turn out for the picnic this year.

2012 Palomar Park Picnic

The 2012 Annual Palomar Park Picnic was held this July as a block party on upper S. Palomar at the top of Cervantes.

The 2011 picnic was a great success and 2012 was as good or even better!

Details on the 2012 Picnic

Details on the 2011 Picnic

2010 Palomar Park Picnic

Snapshots from the 2010 Picnic

Repairing Names Plaques and Signs in Palomar Park

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2010: The work for 2010 is complete. We want to thank everyone who helped out with the project this year as well as those who contributed extra funds for the project this year!

Name Sign Repair Project 2010

UPDATE JULY 2010: June and July 2010 work days, work weekends, and work parties yielded great results and you can see new sign boards and cleaned, repaired, routed and painted name plaques at intersections such as the lower Y and the Loma Road and Palomar intersection. Many thanks to those who helps in all aspects of the repair work and those who donated funds to assist with the very important project.

UPDATE 2010: The 2010 work parties for the ongoing repairs of the name plaques and sign boards are tentatively scheduled for the second and last weekends in June 2010. Work will be similar to that done in 2009, but on a different set of signs. More details will be posted as the time gets closer and at the April general meeting.

2009 Project

UPDATE 2009: The first work party as part of repairing the name plaques and sign boards in Palomar Park was on June 6, 2009. Many thanks to Joe Marshall for organizing and planning and execution. Please participate in the follow up work on Saturday, June 13 and help as we repair and replace plaques on an ongoing basis.

Spring Work Project: Palomar Park name plaques and sign boards are in need of repair. This Spring we hope to repair and restain the name plaques and sign boards. The number of volunteers will determine how many we can schedule for repair. The PPO Association is providing the materials. We need volunteers to carry out the work. The next big work day will be on Saturday June 13 when we will sand and restain the sign boards (with pizza and refreshments). We will remove name plaques and old boards and support posts and then scrub the sign boards and continue work on the replacement of the defunct support frameworks begun on Saturday June 6. We will reattach the name plaques on Sunday June 14. Volunteers are also needed for ongoing preparation of name plaques as new people move into the neighborhood (starting mid-May). Joe Marshall will be the point of contact. Recruit your neighbors.

Please stop by even if you have not committed in advance to help out Saturday June 13, or Sunday June 14 June. Work will start on Saturday June 14 around 10 am at Joe's (845 Palomar) to paint standards and plaques for about 2 hours, then lunch will be served, then work will continue until about 3 pm. The more people who come help out for this part of the work, the faster it will get completed. Please drop by to help out - even if you only paint one sign it helps! Sunday June 14 will be spent re-attaching the repaired name plaques and continue work on repairing of damanged plaques.

Resurfacing of County Roads in Palomar Park

April/May/June 2009 - County Road Work

The county plans to reseal the county maintained roads in Palomar Park (see the Palomar County Roads on the maps page). While as of the end of April the sign the county put up implies the possibility of a long road closure, they assure us that the work will take at most only a few days and not be disruptive. The expectation is that work will start in the first weeks of May and be carried out in stages.

Update April 28, 2009:

Road Maintenance: San Mateo County is scheduled to do road asphalt repairs in Palomar Park starting this week. After hole repairs are completed, the County is scheduled on May 12, 2009 to close Loma Court and slurry that road. On May 13- 14, 2009, Cervantes and parts of Palomar are scheduled to be repaired. The other sections of Palomar Drive will be scheduled next by the County. South Palomar Drive, Los Cerritos and Hermosa roads are not listed to be repaired.

Update May 01, 2009

Map of road work with date schedule ( - see updated May 14 map below)

Update May 12, 2009

Work was delayed by contractor. New schedule as of May 12 is to: May 15, Friday work on Palomar Dr from Bromley up to the Y at South Palomar Dr split with traffic control by the contractor to allow traffic up and down the hill during the work period and May 19, Tuesday work from the top end of Loma Ct down Palomar to the Y with South Palomar and on South Palomar from Cervantes down to the Y with Palomar. The contractor apparently intends to close the roads for this work on May 19 and as of May 12 it is not known how they will handle traffic.

Update May 14, 2009

Click to enlarge - palomar road work view UPDATED map of road work date schedule (AS OF MAY 14).

Word from the County as of May 14, 2009 is that the #3 gate at Pebble and Palomar at the end of Palomar (West end at top of hill) will be opened during the road work from Friday, May 15 through Wednesday of the next week. Please use the Pebble gate #3 to avoid the closed roads and to avoid driving on the newly set down slurry seal. The slurry seal needs time to set and does not do your car tires, shoes, or bike tires any good (for those of you biking to avoid the road closure). See the county provided information on the slurry seal hazards.

Palomar Park Road Work Slurry Seal Hazards
Slurry Seal Hazards

Do not drive on the newly sealed roads. The new coating needs time to set and is not good to track onto your property or into your home.

Update May 15, 2009

Contractor reports equipment problems and possible delay of work for Friday May 15, 2009. No change is apparently planned for Tuesday work. Given that the original work dates were delayed for the same same reason, be prepared for the work schedule to change and use road signs from the contractor as the best guess. They have been having these 'equipment problems' for weeks now and keep changing the schedule...

Update May 16, 2009

Monday, May 18th - the following sections of road will be closed during work and until the surface is dry:

Top of Loma Ct down Palomar Dr to Hermosa / South Palomar Dr
All homes West of Loma Ct should use Pebble gate (Gate 3).
Homes blocked by work will have no access during paving and drying.

South Palomar Dr from Cervantes down the hill to Palomar Dr
All homes on Duggan and those on south Palomar from Cervantes down to Palomar will have limited to no access all day during paving and drying.

Please plan your day accordingly and keep your pets safe by keeping off the tar for a day.

Update May 19, 2009

As of 5 pm Tuesday May 19, contractor signs are up to not park on lower Palomar Dr on Weds May 20 and Thurs May 21. Partial work appears to have been done on Sourth Palomar (complete?) and work from Loma Court down appears complete. There are not currently signs all the way up lower Palomar Dr, but that may be Weds work. Pebble gate remains open as an alternative route.

Future - Lower Palomar Drive to Bromley will be rescheduled - most likely for next week sometime.

Contractor will put out new signs 48 hours before the work begins. Plan is still the same to do one lane at a time, so expect delays or use the Pebble gate (3) on Palomar.

Update May 21, 2009

Thursday May 21st : West bound direction will be resurfaced
Tuesday May 26th: East bound direction will be resurfaced

During these days there will be a one-way traffic control from Bromley to the south Palomar – Palomar Y from the morning until the surface dries in the afternoon.

Expect delays both days as there will be only one lane open.

For those living on this stretch of Palomar, be careful coming out of your driveway as the flow of traffic may be against you.

Pebble gate should still be open Thursday but will not be open on Tuesday.

Final Update (June 9, 2009)

Work is finished for this year as County budget is expended. The upper Y to Cervantes apparently will NOT be worked on this year. There are as of this time no plans to do any more slurry coating in Palomar - although there remain some areas of county road not done yet...

Update 2010

We have been working with the County on fixing the botched slurry seal, but action likely will not be taken. New work on South Palomar from the Y to Cervantes may result in a new slurry seal and/or modifications to the road surface due to water main work independent of the original slurry seal work.

Painting of Palomar Park Fire Hydrants

September 2008 - Palomar Fire Hydrants get a face lift

Palomar Park fire hydrants were showing their age and getting lost in overgrowing trees, brush, and poison oak - so dedicated Palomar Park members came to the rescue and cleared them all out and painted them with the fire departement specified yellow. Visit the Palomar fire hydrant painting party page to see before, during, and after photos of the whole process.

Speed Bumps in Lower Palomar on Scenic Drive

Speed Bumps were installed on Scenic Drive (June 2008)

Although you may not be aware of it, Palomar Park also includes the more urban area across from Clifford School. Because of the amount of traffic from Clifford School and through traffic along Scenic, residents there worked with the County to have speed bumps installed along Scenic Drive. At this time these are the only speed bumps in Palomar Park. By driving carefully and with concern for others you can help to keep it what way!

Cell Towers in Palomar Park

On September 15, 2009 the Board of Supervisors voted to deny the renewal permit for Sprint’s cellular site at 1175 Palomar Dr. We were able to show that the evidence Sprint provided only show alternative sites that would not work instead of providing real options for the county to consider. This was highlighted when we showed that other carriers are providing coverage to the same area in less impactful ways.

This will most likely go back to the courts for the county to fight so we will need to wait to see what the court decides. Our understanding is that while it is in the courts, Sprint will be able continue to operate at 1175 Palomar Dr.

Thanks go out to everyone that wrote, called, or came to the meeting in support of our community. Expressing your opinion made a tremendous difference with the Supervisors.

Cell Tower regulations for Unincorporated San Mateo County Determined (May 2008)

In December 2007, the Board of Supervisors directed the county staff to draft statutes on cell tower site development. This was necessary due to changes in California state law on co-location of cell tower sites that went into effect January 1st. The state law encourages multiple cellular operators to co-locate at cell tower sites by relaxing the site approval process resulting in fewer,but larger (more antennas,support equipment,towers,etc) cell tower sites. The county planners have made good progress and presented the draft set of statutes to the Planning Commission on April 23, 2008.Several of the PPO board members attended this meeting and spoke on the need to protect residential areas from large co-located cell tower sites. The draft proposal is aligned with our goals of protecting our neighborhood.We were even more pleased to hear the Planning Commission’s comments that the proposal needs to have stronger language for limiting development of cell tower sites in residential areas. The PPO board will continue to be involved in the public comment and hearing process on the statutes. As we learn more,we will update the community and solicit input from our membership.

Where: eMail or Attend San Mateo Board meeting
When: Tuesday, Sept 15 9:30 AM
Dear Palomar Park Residents,

Palomar Park needs your help. Tuesday, September 15 at 9:30am, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors will be re-considering a permit for Sprint to operate a cellular site in Palomar Park at 1175 Palomar Drive. As a community we fought long and hard to have this permit denied and succeeded in December of 2007 with the Supervisors voting to deny Sprint the permit. Upon this denial, Sprint filed a lawsuit in Federal court to overturn the CountyÕs ruling. In March of 2009, in a closed session the Board of Supervisors authorized a settlement by agreeing to hold a new public hearing to consider additional evidence by Sprint. The new evidence that Sprint has provided is a summary of why the site at 1175 is the "only one" that provides the coverage Sprint needs. In reviewing this new evidence, County staff is making the recommendation to the Supervisors to approve the permit.

We have reviewed Sprint's documents and do not agree with the Staff recommendation on the following grounds: Cellular sites and residential areas are not compatible. 1175 Palomar Dr. already has one permitted cell site in the backyard. Approving Sprint would make two with no mster development plan in place to limit the total number of operators. This master development plan is required under County regulations - but Sprint is bypassing the requirement. Sprint's own documents show that cellular site only provides fill-in coverage for Edgewood (below 280), Cordilleras, and Crestview. This site does not provide coverage for Palomar Park. Coverage can be provided through a combination of existing sites and sites at other locations. Sprint's proposal states that they would need to install 75 to 150 foot towers to provide coverage, but County regulation for tower limits are 28-36 feet in residential areas.

We will be discussing Palomar Park's position with as many of the Supervisors as we can before the hearing on Tuesday. You can help by attending the Tuesday hearing at 9:30am or sending a short email to the Supervisors stating your objection to cell sites in Palomar and requesting the Supervisors deny Sprints permit. You should include your address in your email.

Here are the email addresses of the Supervisors:
Mark Church
Carole Groom
Richard Gordon
Rose Jacobs Gibson
Adrienne Tissier

Please also copy the County Planner Mike Schaller -- and PPO email address so we can present a packet of emails as the hearing:arin
Mike Schaller
Palomar Property Owners News

Links to documents: Sprint Alternatives Analysis Executive Summary for Supervisors Recommendation for Supervisors PPO letter to Supervisors

Please help your community in this fight.

NOTE recent article from SF Chronicle: (09-11) 17:42 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- A federal appeals court reversed itself Thursday and said cities and counties can regulate the location and appearance of wireless towers and poles, a ruling that could revive a dormant San Francisco ordinance.

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco upheld San Diego County's limits on the placement, size and design of towers and poles that are needed for companies to provide cell phone service and wireless Internet connections. The court also voted 11-0 to discard a standard it had established in 2001 that barred local governments from adopting any restrictions that "may have the effect of prohibiting" wireless services.

Federal courts in the nine-state circuit have relied on the 2001 ruling to overturn restrictions on telecommunications structures in several communities, including San Francisco and Berkeley. The court said Thursday that it had misinterpreted federal law when it issued the earlier ruling, and that local governments can regulate wireless towers and poles as long as they don't actually prohibit wireless service within their borders or create a "significant gap in service coverage."

San Diego County's 2003 ordinance was intended to keep unsightly structures out of neighborhoods. It required poles to be camouflaged in residential areas, set height limits, required companies to submit a "visual impact analysis," and allowed a zoning board to deny an application if it was inconsistent with the character of the community. Two courts had overturned the ordinance, based on the 2001 appellate standard, before Thursday's ruling reinstated it.

The new ruling gives cities and counties "the ability to even-handedly control the environment in our neighborhoods," with no exemption for wireless companies, said attorney William Marticorena, president of the California-Nevada chapter of a national association of telecommunications regulators. "There isn't some special place for the telecom operators to put the 50-foot-tall red monopole (cellular tower) in front of city hall."

Thomas Bunton, a deputy county counsel who represented San Diego County, said the ruling allows local governments to hold public hearings and require wireless towers and poles to be concentrated in certain areas and camouflaged to fit in with their surroundings.

Lawyers for Sprint, which challenged the San Diego County ordinance, and Verizon, which filed supporting arguments, were unavailable for comment.

In San Francisco, Deputy City Attorney William Sanders said the ruling could restore portions of a 2007 law that a federal judge struck down in June.

The ordinance required wireless companies to seek a city permit before locating transmitters or other installations near a park, a historic landmark or a building with architectural importance, or on a street that the city has designated as scenic.

U.S. District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel, citing the appeals court's 2001 decision, ruled that the ordinance was invalid because it allowed public hearings in permit disputes and failed to set precise standards for denying a permit. San Francisco supervisors have already drafted a new ordinance to comply with the ruling, but the city now has the option of asking Patel to reconsider in light of Thursday's decision, Sanders said.

The 2001 decision was also the basis of a January 2006 appeals court ruling that allowed Qwest Communications to install a fiber link to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory over the city of Berkeley's objections. The court said in 2006 that Berkeley's ordinance, which required telecommunications companies to pay a fee or go through an extensive permit process, had the effect of denying service.

Marticorena, who took part in the Berkeley case, said Thursday's ruling won't affect Qwest, which has installed its link, but will allow Berkeley and other cities to take another look at their regulations.

Where: Palomar Drive above Mailbox (at Y)
When: August - September
As part of the home construction on Palomar (just above the Y and the USPS Mailbox) electric lines will be run under the road. To accommodate this there will be trenching done of Palomar Drive at that location over the next few weeks from mid August until completion.

Palomar Drive will not be closed, but for several days (approximately 4) during the next few weeks there will be flagmen managing traffic. The rest of the time there will be metal plates on the road without traffic regulation. This work should start by the 2nd week of August.

New Community Board Installed

We installed our new Community Board at the lower intersection of South Palomar and Palomar by the mailbox:

Palomar Park California Community Board

The Community Board is for all residents to post information about events or news in Palomar Park California. Please take down your postings in a timely fashion when they are out of date. Special thanks go to Emile Kishek and his son Eissa Kishek, Rich Landi and Korey Oskay for making the board a reality.

Palomar Park Mailbox Repairs

Repairs were done on Palomar Park mailboxes in 2008

You may have noticed the nice new shingles and the repairs made to some of your mailboxes. Bill Rehlich, our long time neighbor on Hidden Lane, has spent his summer repairing them for us. The Garden Club installed almost 200 mailboxes in the 1960’s and they have held up very well. Over the years, whenever one was hit by a vehicle (more often than you would think), Bill was always there to quickly get it repaired and back up. The job often needed more than one pair of hands and his close neighbor Roger Flores helped with muscle and equipment. The Garden Club would like to take this opportunity to thank Bill and Roger on behalf of all the residents of Palomar Park California for their many many hours of hard work and also for the materials they have donated to repair the mailboxes and sometimes the road signs. Palomar Park is such a special place and we are so fortunate to have such generous, talented and very special neighbors.