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This map shows the main area of Palomar Park which is approximately bounded by the area circled on the map:

Google Maps interactive map (if your browser supports iFrames):
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There are locked gates which are for fire evacuation only at Pebble Drive and La Mesa Driver intersection and at La Mesa Drive and Loma Road intersection and a locked gate at Cervantes a few hundred yards up the hill from Edgewood road. Mapping programs such as Google maps often indicate that you can drive through one or more of these gates. That is not correct. In the case of emergencies, the fire department will open these gates, but under normal circumstances they are closed to public access - including residents of Palomar Park.

Palomar Park County Roads

Palomar Park has a portion of its roads maintained by San Mateo County. The other roads in Palomar Park are maintained by the residents who live on them.

Country Maintained Roads in Palomar Park are: