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Palomar Park Groups and Committees 2009


There are currently no active committees.

In 2008 a Traffic Committee worked with the County and CHP to address traffic concerns on the Palomar Park 'hill' where roads are narrow and there are frequent blind driveways and curves.


Palomar Park Garden Club

The Palomar Park Garden President is Audrey Hargis. The Vice President is Elizabeth Olson.

Peggy Newman Palomar Park Garden Club

Read about the history of the Garden Club at the Palomar Park History Page.

West Palomar Improvement Club (road maintenance of Outer / West Palomar Drive)

The West Palomar Improvement Club is responsible for maintenance of Palomar Drive beyond the intersection of Palomar Drive and Montalvo.

Palomar Park Fire Department: Sadly disbanded now...

Read about the history of the Palomar Park Fire Department at the Palomar Park History Page.

PPO Board

The Palomar Park board manages this website - see About Us for more information.

The PPO Board Members may find it convenient to use this page to visit the Board Google Group.