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JUNE 23 2014

Free Chipping/Mulching Service

After you clear out brush and limb up trees, leave the cuttings and trimmings at the roadside on June 23 for free mulching/chipping as part of the Palomar Park Fire Prevention Program.

The current drought conditions put Palomar Park at an usually high fire risk. High temperatures and low relative humidity are prime conditions for very high fire danger.  Please use extra caution with all outdoor activities such as weed whacking, mowing, construction, cigarette disposal, barbequing, etc. and most particularly during hot spells.

FIRE UPDATE: Recently in May a charcoal BBQ re-ignited in the early AM hours due to warm and windy weather conditions and a coal escaped and caused a fire to start. Fortunately, nearby residents were alerted by smoke and called the fire department (363-4911 gives the Sheriff). The quick response of the fire department put the fire out before it spread beyond the single property. Make certain any BBQ coals are completely extinguished - soaking liberally with water.

PREVENT FIRES IN PALOMAR PARK | CHARCOAL BBQS: As the recent fire shows, it doesn't take very much to start a potentially disastrous fire in Palomar Park in these conditions of high heat and extreme drought. The safest we can be is if residents have no open flames and fires to begin with during the summer months of this drought year. Don't have a BBQ with charcoal - use gas instead. If you do have a charcoal BBQ soak the leftover coals in water to make sure they are fully extinguished. This may seem like overkill, but he fire that did happen in the end of May was a charcoal BBQ that RE-IGNITED in the small hours of the morning because of the warm temperatures and windy conditions. DO NOT RELY ON A CHARCOAL BBQ SELF-EXTINGUISHING - this is NOT safe. This is what caused the May fire. In the current conditions this is unsafe.

PREVENT FIRES IN PALOMAR PARK | YARD WORK: A hot muffler from a gas powered trimmer or blower (or chain saw etc. etc.) can easily ignite a fire in the severe drought conditions we are seeing this year. A small fire can quickly get out of control and become a disaster. Needless to say, trimming dry grass, cutting dry dead brush, clearing dead branches from trees (limbing up) is where these kinds of small gas powered tools like trimmers and chain saws are required - and it puts the sources of fuel and the tools in close proximity. Make sure you and/or your gardeners or those you may hire for this kind of work are using extreme caution with respect to fire ignition from tools and the work process.

PREVENT FIRES IN PALOMAR PARK | SMOKING: Regardless of the fact that tossing cigarette butts on the ground is against the law as it is littering, it should be completely obvious that one should NEVER discard a cigarette that is not completely and with absolute certainty fully extinguished. Residents have reported exactly this behavior. It is thoughtless and dangerous and puts our entire community at risk and endangers our lives. In a past year this exact situation happened at the top of Palomar. A white pickup drove by a resident and flicked a lit cigarette out of the vehicle window where it rolled directly into the fringe dry grass at the roadside. The resident put out he smoldering cigarette butt. This should NEVER have happened at all. DO NOT DISCARD CIGARATTES in Palomar Park. Use the ashtrays inside your vehicles if you smoke in a vehicle and are driving through Palomar Park.


California Drought/Fire Update May 30 2014

Fire Activity: CAL FIRE reports they have responded to 1,852 wildfires across the state since January 1, burning 15,284 acres. This year’s fire activity is well above the year-to-date average of 1,074 wildfires for 8,983 acres. 200 new wildfires were reported over the past week. The largest of this week’s fires is the Hunters Fire near Bear Valley area of Mariposa County, which is burning 677 acres. While drought conditions have continued to lead to a significant increase in the number of wildfires, additional firefighters, fire engines and firefighting aircraft staffed earlier than normal have allowed CAL FIRE to contain these wildfires quickly in most cases.

Download the May 30, 2014 drought information brochure as a high resolution PDF file for printing with many embedded links to related resources.