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Palomar Property Owners is a non-profit California corporation, established for the following purposes:

(a) To further at all times better living conditions and physical surroundings by evaluating and determining appropriate measures to maintain and enhance the quality and safety of the environment in Palomar Park California;

(b) To present to appropriate public officials and agencies the views and opinions of property owners in Palomar Park California with a view to the improvement of conditions in the area;

(c) To provide a means of keeping the property owners in Palomar Park California adequately informed on all matters of common interest.

Why should you support your voluntary property owners organization?  Here are a few of the reasons: 

* If you have issues or concerns with neighborhood needs such as road work, cleanliness, drainage, utilities, etc., PPO may be able to help you or act as an advocate to County agencies.

* San Mateo County has designated Palomar Park as a special “Design Review” district with Design Standards to help maintain neighborhood  character. If you need help with issues associated with the Design Standards,  PPO may be able to guide you as you work with County agencies. See: Palomar Park DRC

* PPO sponsors a community picnic every summer and this is a great way to meet your neighbors throughout Palomar Park. 

* PPO provides communication on items that affect Palomar Park – everything from cell tower installation to road paving through PPO’s quarterly newsletter, special flyers, and this website.

* PPO maintains name signs, mailbox enclosures, organizes brush clearance projects for fire safety and more.

New! Download a PDF Palomar Fact sheet formatted for printing at the PALOMAR PARK DOWNLOAD page!

Download a PDF file formatted for printing (or viewing on your computer) which has a history of Palomar, and many details about Palomar Park in a format designed for printing - for those of you who want a hard copy of Palomar Facts and information.

The Boundaries of Palomar Park California are:
The unincorporated area in San Mateo County, California to the north and east of Edgewood Road bounded by the City of San Carlos on the west, north and east, and by the northern and eastern side of Edgewood Road on the south and west. See the Palomar Park California Maps page for a map.

Membership Information:
Membership dues are $50/year. Checks can be made payable to PPO (Palomar Property Owners) and dropped off at or mailed to Palomar Property Owners mailbox 419 Palomar Drive, Redwood City, CA 94062 or use the following link to pay with a credit card or PayPal:

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By Laws:

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