Palomar Park Name Sign Repairs and Replacement - June 2009

The name signs for Palomar Park residents on the hill and the direction signs on them are in various stages of decay, and the new(er) name signs done in plastic are all falling apart from exposure to sun and the elements. Joe Marshall has planned and organized the mammoth task of fixing everything from the names (falling off or illegible) to the sign boards and all the framework holding them up. The first major work party for getting the Cervantes and the Montalvo and Outer Palomar boards and signs was on June 6, 2009. Here are some snapshots taken from the June 6 workday. Please take part in the ongoing Name Plaque Repairs in Palomar Park as work is far from complete.

Each name sign has to be cleaned for repainting, and all the plastic signs need to be replaced with routed wood plaques. Most of the post frameworks and backer boards for the name plaques are about at the end of their lives and will get replaced as well...

Out with the old...

Clean off, scrub all the existing plaques in preparation
for repainting and/or routing new names:

Assemble the post framework to ensure proper placement when we cement them into the ground:

Dig the new holes for the new posts:

Drop in the new posts:

Level them out:

Prepare concrete and rocks for fill:

Fill and tamp it down:

Getting close to finished...:

Our illustrious leader spent most of the time sleeping!