2010 Palomar Park Name Sign Repair and Maintenance

This summer (2010) we embarked on the second year of work on the repair and maintenance of the Palomar Park name signs. These are the brown sign boards along the roads showing who lives where in Palomar Park with some helpful hints about which roads lead where as well. Thankfully this kind of major work is required only every few decades at most, because it is a lot of hard work!

So, with the generous efforts of many volunteers the neighborhood is looking nicer. More of the name signs have had rotting wood replaced, been freshly painted, and are free of nail and staple holes. They are ready to put in another 40+ years of service.

Joe Marshall and Stan Duncan prepared by routing resident and street names months in advance. Two weeks before the work day Stan and Jane Duncan removed all the old name plaques for refurbishing. Rich Landi cleaned them up and pre-stained the names and parts of the sign boards.

Kurt and Rich preparing sign plaques at Joe's house

Kurt Oppenheimer, Chris Myers, Danny Woerz, Jeff Garrett, Emile Kishek, and Joe Marshall removed the old signs, hauled them away, constructed the new signs, set them in the ground, and pre-stained them. Well, we did hire some labor for the heavy digging and lifting.

Mixing concrete and setting new posts

Staining the new posts for the sign boards

On the work day we set up two tables at the Marshall's for the Painting Bee and pizza lunch. Bob and Kathryn Bedbury, Stan Duncan, Sue Oppenheimer, Ralph Zak, Audrey Hargis, Chris Myers, Shelia Highe, New neighbors Amy and Adam Schwartz, Alan Fahrenbruch, Diana Newton, Joanne Landi, and Mollie Marshall repainted the name plaques. Mollie also bulldozed out some space in the garage, set up everything there, and made the refreshments and pizza happen. Meanwhile, Jeff, Kurt, Joe, and Paul & Jackson Lingane finished assembling and painting the sign boards. After the work day Stan, Jane, and Kurt put the freshly painted name plaques back on the newly erected sign boards to complete the effort.

Painting the name plaques

Thanks to all who participated. You have definitely made a contribution to the neighborhood. Thanks to those who donated funds for this project as well. We hope to finish the rest of the signs next year. Everyone is invited to participate. Everyone can also help to keep the signs looking nice by not defacing them with nail, staples, thumbtacks, car bumpers, or the like.